Place I

Place I

The figure comes from the poem, I Have it Here.

The rusted steel circle, well I think it's been with me all my sculpting life.

Sometimes, well hardly ever actually, you make a piece of work which is the piece you have always being trying to make, what your work is fundamentally about, even though you can’t quite pinpoint what that is. Which is good because if everything could be explained with words then what’s the point of my job.

A make a stab at explaining it might go like this, although it contains nothing of my love of steel and so there are some fundamentals missing.

The solidity of the world
and the fluidity of human.

We feel special because
we are all that we know.

But we know we are leaves
and leaves have their time
and eventually they settle
back into the land.

41cms x 41 cms x 5 cms deep
Edition of 25

Bronze Female Figure Standing in Iron Resin Circle £3,400