Recovering Robin

During building works near my studio, I was unable to concentrate because of the noise so retreated to my garden where I think the company of the birds around crept into my psyche, that night I had a dream that I had a dead robin in my hand and I put a little blanket on it to try and keep it warm.

Opposite our flat is a church and in my dream I went round the back of the church, only to see lots of protesters coming back from a big march with “save the robin” on big placards.

Then the little robin came alive and I woke up.

Who knows what was really going on in my head but I guess it could be to do with global warming and the robin being a symbol of nature. The robin being known as the ‘gardeners friend’ and very typically British, if the robin is in danger we are in more trouble than we thought.

It could also be just me getting over a few broken dreams.