Pots, Vessels and Dresses

I have for some time wanted to make a pot. I like vessels and am always attracted to still life drawing and paintings that contain volumes. I think the paintings by Volkert Olij are some of the most exquisite things I have ever seen, I can only describe the feeling in front of them rather crudely as lust! They are the type of paintings that for me are just very difficult to walk away from.

I keep going back to his catalog to look, I am not sure exactly how they are inspiring just the feel of them, the light and space and the forms.

Withstanding was the first piece where I started looking at the shape of the skirt as a form in itself and more and more my sculptures have been getting clothes. I recently went to a lecture on drawing and started drawing this dress.

It was so ingrained in me and so particular I worried I had seen the image before and have copied it from a famous image somewhere, but have not found the source so far. In the lecture one of the artists was using the shape of a skirt in her paintings and it seemed to trigger something in me, I think it was that it was ok to be feminine. I drew and drew the dress, it seemed odd to me but at the same time right.