Lady May

Just finished this off today, she had been armless, I was trying to work out if she could be like the fragment pieces ( I haven’t made yet ) with bits of her missing but in the end I gave the poor love some arms, the girls have very thin arms here but they are not that thin!
The writing below I wrote back in May when I was feeling a bit more mental than I am now but it still stands.


This is the thin armed girls, the columbian music, the tense flamenco meets upright edwardian bursting with passion.

This is Cethelia meets Cynthia.

This is trumpets and the letter R I can’t roll.

This is buying firm glossy black-eyed fish from a thick eye-lashed, full faced girl. This is fresh clean vegetables and the happy encouraging lady who smiled so heartfelt when we spoke Spanish badly.

This is sunshine, Ibrahim Ferrer.

This is dancing on the street with strangers and twirling under bandstands, this is the passion we have but cant express so latin like.

This is sharing the pavement, sharing the road, wether its a pedestrian or a motorbike, a wave or a nod… ‘after you bicycle girl’.

This is going down hill on smooth tarmac, the wind rushing past your ears making you hum, sing out loud without realizing.

This is the kindness of strangers, the caretaker man who cut holes in and then put a red bin liner over my head when it rained so I cycled off with the corners flapping violently like wild shoulder pads, grinning as people stared.

This is for feeling ripped off buying two miniature fans and then finding a big one for one euro from the street.

This is for clever pregnant bellied girls, swollen with pride and next centuries promise.

This is for Tracy and for success.

This is for being in a band and making magic together and smiling to each other and feeling it in your core.

This is for finding things when your not looking.

This for when your hands are tied, your position sealed and you are content with it.

This is for when things come easily, simply, without pain.