5 to 4

The inconceivable but inevitable has happened.
The family, my family, my unit, my security, my strength has decreased.
A section has been torn away. We were five, all my life we have been five. And now we are four.

In 2014 I made Family 5 in a small size, last year I scaled it up. The figure is tiny compared to its family support, the figure sat looking out, with all that strength behind it.

Then the weight suddenly shifted.
Now we are four.
We four have been strong for a month, but off and on we will loose our balance.
November’s shock made us robust. And busy. It is inconceivable that my Daddy is gone but I know Mummy now sleeps alone and the pain I know she must feel hurts me more.

Although in memory and experiences we will always be five, to live now we must try to rebalance ourselves.
Four girls, we will shift our balances.
We are strong and will be strong.
We will never be as we were but through him we are as we are now and we will address the weight and support each other as I have been supported through them all my life.

And while we are here the moon will always shine down on us.