Merry go round horse and exceedingly good company

Had the most fantastic afternoon, was tired, wanted to finish for the day but dug in and started to finish something that I almost new the outcome but instead the music swept that aside and started something that I had wanted to do for a few years now somehow lacking in knowledge, lacking in courage, harangued by self doubt it just got blocked but today, being here listening to Beethoven it popped out, still a lot to learn and will prob try and do it again as it may fall apart but the music and the location have unblocked yet another stream.

Beethoven, what a god!

Not sure about the legs at the back being together…and there is still a lot wrong and it needs the rider and the head to stop looking like a donkey but I like the initial flurry like a sketch. It will have a proper, post thing, would prefer it to fly though!

I did a huge amount of drawing horses when I was little, its amazing how much is still up there, but there are gaps, I need to go and draw some horses heads.