Walk to work, wednesday

Took Molly to work today which means a 4 hour walk ( 2 hours each way ), well its supposed to be 11/4 hours acording to google but I either get distracted by taking pictures or veering by parks for Molly or I get completely lost. This time distracted on the way there and then lost on the way back, it seems my inside compass has interference in Barcelona, especially around Sant Antoni, I seem to find myself in circles, fine on a bike but after three hours walking it gets a little frustrating. Graham says its my inner girl coming out which makes me even more mad!

Molly waiting to go, watching the street from the balcony.

 Morning light

Molly having a quite moment to herself…sorry Molly

potential painting

another absolutely terrible barcelona sculpture, I am afraid the sculpture is considerably lacking here. Not in attempt but in execution. I wonder wether people notice the difference between this sort of work and mine, make s me think I dont like figurative art as there is so little of it I like, and def none here!

pop out the top of espania with thingy in the bacground