The first two days

 The Studio

Went to the studio yesterday to leave the van, and made the stupid mistake of not taking our phones, afraid of “phone pickys” as the man from the flat called them ( we wanted to walk back ) so as we had just been there yesterday we thought it was easy to find, or we didn’t think at all! We went round and round and round, all in the same area but just couldn’t find it, and couldn’t find anywhere to buy a map, but in the end we got as near as we could and Graham got directions from a man chilling in a doorway who had to look in his a to z, which is about the size of a Bible here! So tired, we dumped the van and walked in the direction of the mountain. A massive walk home through not the most scenic part of barcelona was our introduction to the city. There was a couple of nice spots, the mountain and the olympic park, trying to stop molly running into the fountains, and an amazing cafe overlooking the city where we stopped for a one ball 3euro icecream, but we were so knackered it all seemed a bit surreal to me.  Went for loud tapas in the evening and woke up with a weird swollen lip! all in all I am looking rather run down!So second day chose an easy day of lunch by the beach. Walked through the nice park, literally on the next street, really sunny but a cool breeze so the jumper comes of and on and the catalonians are in big coats. A bottle of white wine and salad and ( well had to go for it ) paela,  they cocked up our order so we were there for ages but very abstemiously we didn’t tuck into a second bottle. Graham chose better with a Leek and fish soup ( weird but nice ) and spaghetti with clams. All in all a lovely treat for slightly bemused and blinking new arrivals.

The first bad hair day (also first lunch)

The first local dog walk