Open studios Poble Nou

Lots of big empty looking buildings, wandering round looking for studios, slight reluctance to get in the lifts, avoiding a big black cloud, Graham practicing spanish, property speculations!

 This lady does art and supper club

Nothing open, well nothing there so head to the beach for a tourist lunch mistake

The black cloud represents my lunch!

Slightly feeling sick head back for more studio action, the graff sign person is out here too, go to really nice couple with live work. She does enamil jewelry and he paints lots of faces and collages out of fag buts, below is a detail of one of his paintings.

Graham chatting in Spanish…!

Go to amazing lithography studio where they are using a road tarmac roller to make some prints, met a guy who was similar to Martyn Grimmer, had amazing place, huge with a sort of flat at the back for visiting artists. Was chatting to him so forgot to take photos.

Then a slightly deranged place next

more chelsea like building action, really like the area, really open wide streets and loads and loads of industrial buildings, worked out where the shopping trolly people take there stuff. There is a like a gap in between here and the Rambla de poble nou, really exciting places if you could get hold of one but you might be a bit out on your own at night…spooky.