Greener Grass

Coming to Barcelona, its not necessarily that the grass is greener, its just different. And sometimes different is good. And sometimes different is needed. And sometimes it is realy good. And sometimes it makes you realise how rich your life is in the old grass. I dont want to go back to Bristol just yet but I know how rich my life is there.
Mostly I wish I could see things in the present instead of working them out when I have left.
El Borne was beautifull and going back down there from here I realize how lovely it was to be there. As I say I was happy to move, move within Barcelona this time for the greener grass of a terrace but as here is like the suburbs, it feels a long way out. I have the fomo.
I just hope I dont always miss the grass of my location..

23rd July
I still have the fomo and I am excited to move again, to the beach this time, but I have appreciated my time here, the big park on the hill and living with ‘normal’ people, with the locals. Its given us a good perspective on the city rather than just living in the posh bits.