First glimpse of a giant today

First glimpse of a giant today practicing walking.

First trip to the local market and did sign language to buy fruit and veg, all seemed to work out ok with a bit of feverish dictionary action from Graham. Getting a number and waiting for the cheese lady to shout it in catalan was ok too, kind of french..ish. Think they found us rather amusing, all very friendly.

Molly mayhem in the park, getting to feel comfortable enough to go bottom down puppy running and jumping in the fountains, she showed her labrador ness careering round wet, wild and slavery. Luckily ignoring the picnickers….long may it last. Lovely park with seemingly no nasty things for her to eat, until we were just leaving and she came out from behind a bush looking suspicious.

We went for lunch tapas of artichoke and (roast, glazed, pickled?) little onions, tender squid and patatas bravas ( which seems to have relaxed into chips here), I had intended to get a salad? Molly sat under the table and we listened to a jaz group and then left to check out el gotic. Molly had a quick but very large puke on the zebra crossing…. nice….. er….horrifically embarrassing!