Monday to Friday

Monday 1st April we go to the sticky, rocky land that is Cassa Woodruff. It’s green this time of year as there is plenty of rain; the water tanks that collect it from the roof and terrace are full, despite having lost some previously to a leaky valve. The sun shines intermittently so the batteries are full despite Malcolm’s four children using the sun to keep up their connections with home.

The grass is not the tended thick fresh and lush lime green meadow that you would, let out of a winter stable, gallop into and roll hoofs up rubbing tired skin. There is no underbelly of the yearly tended thickening of grass to make a moss like covering of the earth. The grass is thin here and the land bumpy and when wet the top layer of clay, like subsidence is slippery, clawy.

White flowers bloom where the land has been cultivated and further down the valley olive trees stand proud in lines with black pipes of drinking water at their feet.

One day there is a much discussed cycling trip which would be too fast for Molly so we find a tall bridge and deep cold water to play in. I don’t read or draw but just throw the stick for Molly and sit. My head full of other people.

Molly decides she has had enough swimming and wriggles and rubs her wet body against me sending giggles of laughter down an empty open valley of white cannelloni bean pebbles, smoothed rocks and rows of secretly tended trees showing their appreciation in blossom pink.

View from the cassa terrace

 A walk collecting rosemary and thyme to take back to Barcelona

 the three boys

 Malcolm, Sarah and Graham

My walk to the bridge and back

Yana – a tired cyclist!

day trip to local some what deserted village for another lunch,  yana in green


Graham had a frustrating day yesterday wrangling with the internet at home, its slow, yes, and sometimes it just decides it doesn’t want to play but yesterday it was just Grahams computer that it turned it’s nose up at. The other three phones and two computers it was happy to sniff, pick up, throw around a bit, and sometimes run and run but it wasn’t touching Grahams.

It was a problem that he just couldn’t get his head round with no reason or logic, maybe it wasn’t a ‘getting his head round’ kind of thing, it was just unexplainable. But being an engineer and a computer engineer at that that didn’t make sense. He even went to the park with Molly to download a big file, as wifi was better there!

We have been so lucky with this apartment as I think we got in before they put the prices up for this year. If one bit of it is a bit flaky then that’s ok. I think it may be fate what ever that is, it was bad so we had to find another solution and it made us find MOB, which stands for Makers of Barcelona, this is from their about page

Mak·er /?M?k?r/, noun1.Someone that is self-sufficient, passionately driven, fully-capable and highly motivated, one that can make things happen for themselves.
sounds like Graham!


We went to MOB and its a really lovely big white space in an old industrial building, some flexible desks which get pushed aside for events in the evening and fixed desks at the back next to the small terrace which brings in more white light through huge windows onto the white furniture. There is a seperate architects area that is less open with more books and Graham chose to be in there. Unfortunatly a couple of architect firms have gone bust recently as its v. difficult for them at the mo. The place is totally silent and you take any calls in other plces, like the converted goods lift shaft, entrance garden thing, or the cellar, which is massive!

If Graham works first thing and then goes to his Spanish class straight from there I can look after Molly in the morning, it would be good for me to not slip into the same habit of going to the studio all day straight away and locate myself in the city a bit, then I can go to work from 12 to 8pm and we may get into the right time frame for here.

Graham will start there after we have been to his dad’s ie week after next. Its in such a lovely area with big wide streets, it all has a really lovely feel to it so it will be a great walk to work. We went for  sangria to celebrate.

This is Grahams walk to work, and mine if I take the metro

and with sunglasses!

streets near his work

 sangria ice

Acclimatizing in a soup

Yesterday’s randomness continued with dim sum in the evening, first time I have ever had it, why not it be in Barcelona. Really packed café round the corner and we ate at the bar, menu was in Chinese translated into Spanish so we were a bit adrift with what to get, but a spattering from the menu brought, yummy peas in pods which we new, veg wrapped in blankets and steamed/boiled shrimp stuff surrounded by white and flabby stuff which surprisingly for its look and texture was delicious! Guess that is, as I now know, dim sum for you.

I had planned to go to the studio today but the sun peaked over the opposite building as it does in the morning and settled on the terrace, it sealed the fate of the day. With the tiredness of the past few months seeping in I had breakfast with Molly sunbathing.

A walk in the park and back for lunch of puy lentil, butternut squash, olives, tomatoes on bags of lettuce, a little bemused at what we were doing here. A glass of vino blanco seemed in order.

I wouldn’t say I was getting into the life in Barcelona as we haven’t even scratched the surface but there is a certain comfort drifting in. The sound of the piled high people, wafts of music, smells of jostics, other peoples washing, windows and courtyards in the most unsuspecting places that seem to work. We have two windows and a door in our courtyard that we don’t know where it goes, or if anyone lives there. I suddenly realised today that I should probably water the plants.

The kitchen and toilet windows open onto Simon’s mothers terrace which you cant see from the front or back, a middle crevice gives her flat a through draft from a window onto the inner hall and front. They are massive buildings, all dark and with loads of ventilation.

We all poke about in our containers and share our sounds like a lovely soup. There are birds in the next door garden of overgrown green and some tiny birds high up, hung from a balcony in a cage, they provide a back drop to movements and conversation. Today we had a smattering of opera to add to the mix.

Dandelion Seed

Tuesday is mine. I feel severed. Like 3/4 of me has been hacked off and the remainder rises like an umbrellared seed, it wafts about wonderfully with no apparent direction. Yes I am still a couple of stone overweight but I feel light. Not confused, well maybe a little but so free it makes me want to cry.