Breakfast on the beach

OMG ( sorry had to write it ) just had an amazing journey to work this morning. Checked out the new apartment ( for last 2 months aug,sept ) its in Barceloneta and I just wanted to make sure we can take Molly for walks etc, there is a nice park which first thing in the morning is really lovely and if we got up really early, a run along the beach or a swim in the sunrise might be an amazing way to start the day me thinks!
couldnt resist a coffee on the beach and then a practice cycle from there to work, all along the marina. Watched about 6 competition sailing boats circle waiting for the bridge to change, beautifull shapes and amazing to watch after making my little boat yesterday. You could imagine the day they would have out on the water, a big crew,  big sales and the hull cutting through the water, it looks like a very sleek sharp axe……terrifying!

Molly’s new morning park, we are still round the corner from cuitadela park though for longer walks, and of course there is all that jogging down the beach we will be doing in the mornings!

 Outside the flat

Having a coffee a stones throw from the flat, about 8-9am ish people are swimming already, a good sign! Cant believe the massage touting people start so early, they even asked this comatosed man if he wanted one, v funny.

then cycling to work

think barcelona have won something….prob should remember what it is, will ask Graham!