Acclimatizing in a soup

Yesterday’s randomness continued with dim sum in the evening, first time I have ever had it, why not it be in Barcelona. Really packed café round the corner and we ate at the bar, menu was in Chinese translated into Spanish so we were a bit adrift with what to get, but a spattering from the menu brought, yummy peas in pods which we new, veg wrapped in blankets and steamed/boiled shrimp stuff surrounded by white and flabby stuff which surprisingly for its look and texture was delicious! Guess that is, as I now know, dim sum for you.

I had planned to go to the studio today but the sun peaked over the opposite building as it does in the morning and settled on the terrace, it sealed the fate of the day. With the tiredness of the past few months seeping in I had breakfast with Molly sunbathing.

A walk in the park and back for lunch of puy lentil, butternut squash, olives, tomatoes on bags of lettuce, a little bemused at what we were doing here. A glass of vino blanco seemed in order.

I wouldn’t say I was getting into the life in Barcelona as we haven’t even scratched the surface but there is a certain comfort drifting in. The sound of the piled high people, wafts of music, smells of jostics, other peoples washing, windows and courtyards in the most unsuspecting places that seem to work. We have two windows and a door in our courtyard that we don’t know where it goes, or if anyone lives there. I suddenly realised today that I should probably water the plants.

The kitchen and toilet windows open onto Simon’s mothers terrace which you cant see from the front or back, a middle crevice gives her flat a through draft from a window onto the inner hall and front. They are massive buildings, all dark and with loads of ventilation.

We all poke about in our containers and share our sounds like a lovely soup. There are birds in the next door garden of overgrown green and some tiny birds high up, hung from a balcony in a cage, they provide a back drop to movements and conversation. Today we had a smattering of opera to add to the mix.