A Saturday trip into town following orange flowers

A left fireplace on the passage Guadi

Intense games at Sagrada

This guy was cycling to Croatia! oops yes forgot to take a pic of the cathedral, its in the background!

Molly meets a big guy, quite a few v big dogs here.

A cool mural

A roundabout on the way

Mini maker fair at Grahams office, spoke to lots of 3d printing people and generally geeked out MOB style

Cocktail maker by http://partyrobotics.com/

Hand held 3d scanners

The buildings near Grahams office are all really big blocks where the textile industry used to be, apparently they were like china is now with making clothes etc. Now its all trade shops imported from china, run mostly by chinese. Its a really lovely quite area with massive streets. This one had a really lovely lift and central courtyard. it always feels weirdly empty round there.

Outside Ale and Hop its that orange stuff again


Graham goes back to his borne barbers,  that dark bit on the left is our road, well I say road? A lot of the lanes/paths/streets round there have little signs with a carriage on them saying in or out, guess you have to have a one way system when you have a horse and carriage.



no molly we don’t live there any more

next to the barbers

At last molly gets to some water, we get to the park

A purple tree and a orange top

Graham sporting his summer outfit as normal!

Graham and Molly checking out the local scenery, it was cocktail bottle jugglers actually.

Some of the “cervesa, agua” family

Mollys intense I really mean it now eyes, can we move on?

We live near the blue bit now

Prob should know who this chap is, will look next time, outside the zoo in cuitadella

tourist bus with cheesy message

reflections in the gym window and a game of basketball?

Graham contemplates the ‘circuit esportiu’

Back into Sant Pere by Paco bar the evening sun always lights up these trees

The giants are off

Party in the park near are old flat brilliant band with tap dancer as part of the instrumental, Molly gets lots of attention as normal but really she is saying PLEASE can we go home now?