I am back

Recently I have been consumed by 43 years of history. Dispersing my storage space, tidying, filing, bookkeeping, sorting. The stuff that goes on behind the creativity.
The last time I wrote (Barcelona blog) was 18th September 2013, can it have been that long since I have looked, since I have thought. In Barcelona I was adrift,  I described myself as a dandilion seed,  I felt ‘light’ and ‘so free’ it made me ‘want to cry’.
Here, now, in Winter, it has not been the same.
I have been heavy.

But in Arnos Vale, pea green garlic leaves bravely unfurl from graves, they are tender but have strength as they curl out through history. With bones below they push through last years fall, feed from it, to get to the light.

That low light has long arms and it reaches into the studio,
it warms the concrete floor and I too start to push through.
And with the light I start to see things.
And from some dark recess of my mind, my sculpture comes home.
And I am back.

With the light I can see. I can see something that I have been thinking about for years and not fully resolved. My fragment pieces contain history, they are part of a time gone, the image has moved on from this, it has been cast and is now perfect but this, like a memory, is disjointed.

Arnos Vale

First weekend country cottage!

Me looking mental after muddy walk, Molly sniffing poo

front door


kitchen window

View from office window

View from garden towards Hay Bluff

View looking left

first sunday breakfast

bedroom landing


colour from bedroom skylight

Trip into Hereford to sign papers and popped into the cathedral

the cathedral heaters 

graham with his mop!


First wet sunday walk out the back of the cottage

looking back towards the farm

Graham enjoying the mud!

very wild and wet and muddy first weekend in the country cottage! it all seems to be sheep farming there so the fences are very lamb proof which means we have to lift a very muddy molly over the styles and subsequently get very muddy

kitchen is a panoramic photo so it looks bigger than it is, and actually nicer than it is but its great having a proper kitchen, the wood burning stove is epic ( good toad size ) ,  the windows are wooden and as the rain was sideways this weekend we mopped up leaks as the rain didn’t seem to notice the windows that well, its lovely as we get to live in a really old house and one that we could never afford to buy without giving up on Bristol, ( bit of a history lesson on kings and queens but I think its mostly elizabethan, next door which is the main house she says there are tudor bits, all the oak paneling was sold off by the previous previous people when they got short of money and the stone tiles of another building…. which has subsequently fallen down )

Back in the day, to build they dug the stone up from their field so next to a lot of the small farms are little disused quarries. and wow what a lot of stone, the wind was battering it and it was very stubborn! It is so unbelievably windy!…”you know what you get with a view” ha ha …back in the flat now nature is tamed by the town and it feels very quiet! ?

The hill in front of the house is the black mountains and view from the garden the big one is Hay Bluff which had snow on it yesterday. it all feels a bit surreal as normally we would go down to devon/cornwall for a weekend away so going north feels a bit random but its an experiment so we shall see, herfordshire and wales are our nearest real rural, lots of old small farms and then lots of people ‘living the dream’ with lots of sheds and chickens etc, living in both places is perfect, its an easy drive and slightly reminded me of yorkshire in places today?

we have 5 bookings on the flat which so far has psychologically paid for 2 months at the cottage. Someone may take it for a month which would be another 3 months paid for, one of those weeks we are in berlin so it might work out

decided contrast is my key word…. contrast enables me to see things, you cant draw without using some kind of contrast. Friends come frist wherever but the country, the picturesque, feeds my soul and the town feeds my head, and then I feed my stomach…a little too often!